TL365 Advisors Benefit from Expert Hosting

Our advisors have access to industry-leading, award-winning luxury partnerships and professional agent support for all booking components, including business support, advisor coaching and development, GDS, ticketing, digital corporate tools, and accounting.


We offer generous commission splits, with many strategic relationships, opportunities and incentives to earn up to 100%.

Our multiple industry partnerships and approaches give our advisors access to more amenity- and commission-rich booking opportunities than you’ll find anywhere else.

TL365’s platforms and relationships allow our advisors to streamline their sales and maximize their revenue at every booking juncture.

Where other consortia and preferred partnerships consider 12-18% commission “high,” our advisors are regularly selling travel that is commissionable in the high 20% range.

Our air platform is the simplest and most commissionable booking tool you’ll come across.


Our high-touch, laser-focused support ensures that our advisors always get the attention that they need to expertly serve their clients, and access to the opportunities they need to grow.

24/7 Booking and Air Support

Our leadership is highly experienced and dedicated to the success of each of our advisors

Our robust support teams are available to all of our advisors for assistance, guidance, clarification, and coaching.

We chase your commissions for you!


The Atlas is a cutting edge revolution in the travel industry, driven by artificial intelligence and passion for our advisors, with all-in-one integrated

  • Reporting
  • Intranet
  • Booking tool
  • Invoicing platform
  • CRM
  • Itinerary management

We’re not stopping there – we believe that, as travel becomes more complex and advisors, busier than ever – technology will streamline and ease the burden of tasks and paperwork to optimize client and supplier relationships and communication.


Our advisors are the backbone of who we are and what we do, and our award-winning team, spanning the US and Canada, provide enthusiastic and comprehensive targeted support.

Our independent advisors compose a beautiful community of collaboration, models in the luxury sector of professionalism and dynamic growth.

TL365 has cultivated high-impact relationships with the world’s most respected purveyors of luxury travel, and eagerly involve our advisors in those high-impact supplier relationships.

Diversity and Inclusion

Travel Leaders 365 strives to see a travel industry, and to operate a travel agency that reflects the robust and beautiful diversity that appears throughout the world.

Owned and operated by a family of 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants, the diversity and inclusion approaches of Travel Leaders 365 is personal – we are committed to an equitable and opportunity-rich hosting platform and professional community for all of our travel advisors.

Our leadership team is driven by the vast knowledge and experience of the true talent in the industry, over 70% of whom identify as female or minority.

We are proud certified members of the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

about TL365

About TL365

Travel Leaders 365 in its concept has existed for nearly 100 years, and is part of a collection of award winning travel companies – including a Travel + Leisure Best Tour Operator, Greaves Tours, and a leading travel technology company, WebFares.

Family owned and operated for generations, TL365’s President Ian Cambata is driven by innovation and technology solutions to allow advisors the opportunity the chance to focus on that which is most important in the travel planning process – their clients

Passionate about you

Our leadership team all began as travel advisors. We know who you are, and where you’re coming from.

Our support team is entirely dedicated to the success of our TL365 advisors.

Your success is our success

TL365’s hosting program is directed by Lindsay Taylor-Lauer. Lindsay’s career in travel began while attending university, and after 15 years in the luxury sector has grown to become a respected and innovative leader in the industry.

The TL365 Opportunity

  • The Atlas: Your one stop shop
  • Robust dedicated support
  • Advisor forums
  • Liability Navigation: Streamlined Duty of Care, Entry Advisement, Waivers & Disclaimers
  • Business Operations Support
  • Commissions collections service
  • Award-winning air desk
  • 24/7 Booking Support
  • High-impact leads program
  • Comprehensive, customizable marketing suite
  • Customizable advisor websites with bookable functions
  • Advisor out of office support
  • One-on-one business coaching and strategic development

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We know your business...


We are experts in luxury.

Between our exclusive industry relationships with the world’s most luxurious suppliers, and our deep friendships with key decision makers, you can count on your clients being treated with the best care, provided by the best people.

In-house 24/7 service for you and your clients


Our corporate travel solutions are unparalleled and award winning.

Our reporting tools, duty of care, and our in-house 24/7 air desk enable our corporate advisors to dedicate their time and energy to servicing the needs of their clients

Eliminate the stress of debit memos with our cutting edge air services


We love our luxury portfolio, however know that frequently advisors are needing more mid-range – ours are rich with amenities for your clients, and commission for you!

The Atlas makes selling travel seamless and simple

We chase your commissions for you!

Travel agency / tour operator

Our robust programming for our hosted businesses is award winning and incredibly profitable.

Retain your full identity – we provide multiple points of white labeling and customization.

Your team can engage in as much or as little agency programming as they wish.